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Acoustic Rhinomanometry


Disposable Hearing Aids

Disposable hearing aids are:

Instant & Ready to fit.

Use and throw without battery replacements.


For mild to moderate hearing loss.

3D printed Temporal Bones.

3d printed temporal bones and other head and neck models are on the horizon.

Accuracy can be upto 100 microns.

Hardness matches that of the bone.

These models can be used to practice various surgeries on Temporal Bone such as:

Mastoid surgeries

Facial nerve exploration 

Cochlear implant

Endolymphatic sac surgeries 

And many more.

Preoperative CT scans can be used to model a 3D printed facial skeleton, sinonasal and dental regions, temporal bones etc for practice before a complicated surgery. Operating times are markedly reduced by these practice 3D models.

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

Differential method of providing higher dose radiation to the primary tumor site rather than to surrounding normal tissues.

CT Scan Reformatted / Reconstructed Views

It is possible to view a desired plane with any obliquity using software for reformatting or reconstructing the captured CT data. For example, getting a reconstruction in sagittal plane after a helical CT capture.

Chip-On-The-Tip Technology: Flexible Endoscopes.

Newer types of flexible endoscopes with camera sensor chip situated at the tip (distally) near the objective lens.
These types of flexible endoscopes produce image quality compared to those by rigid optical endoscopes (Hopkins rod-lens).