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Voice Relate Quality of Life Test

Suffering from hoarseness or other voice problems due to vocal cord dysfunction, vocal cord paralysis or any other laryngeal disorder?

How much is your problem affecting you?

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Reflux Symptoms Index

A scale test to predict existence and severity of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR) and to evaluate patient response to treatment of LPR. This index is devised by Peter C Belafsky et al.

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The Voice Handicap Index

VHI or The Voice Handicap Index is an instrument used by doctors for assessing the impact of voice problems on emotional, functional and physical states of the patient.

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Chronic Headache Assessment Proforma

Causes and Reasons of Headaches

Treatments for old chronic headaches may be successful only after the root cause is defined. For this a detailed assessment is carried out and a most probable cause of headaches is derived from patient history & physical examination (and if needed certain investigations might be ordered). The Headache Questionnaire given below forms a VERY IMPORTANT part of this assessment.You can save time and money by filling and submitting the questionnaire and getting your headache reviewed online.

Severe and Bad Headaches

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This is a questionnaire based assessment report.Diagnostic assessments made on the basis of this questionnaire are not final. Diagnosis might have to be confirmed by physical examination of the patient and/or other tests/investigations when needed.The assessment and the professional opinion of the doctor is given after presuming that the information is submitted personally by the patient and is presumed to be accurate.It is presumed, that the patient understands that online consultations cannot substitute personal visits to the doctor. This assessment cannot be used for medicolegal purposes. No treatment will be prescribed based on this assessment. Fees collected are not collected as professional fees of the doctor but are towards data handling,data securing and data processing charges.

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