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Semicircular Canals & Nystagmus 

Nystagmus approximates the plane of semicircular canal stimulated.

Horizontal Canal : horizontal nystagmus 

Superior Canal: rotatory nystagmus 

Posterior Canal: vertical nystagmus 

Middle Ear Transformer System

  • Impedance matching system reduces energy loss due to reflected waves at Tympanic membrane-air interface due to 23:1 leverage.
  • Transforms high amplitude & low intensity sound to low amplitude & low intensity sound at stapes foot plate.

A case of acute noise trauma 

A patient from Germany consulted for unilateral tinnitus and hearing loss after exposure to screeching noise from the breaks of a metro train. It’s an example of “sudden onset noise induced sensorineural hearing loss”.

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Hypoglossal Nerve Paralysis.

Hypoglossal Nerve Paralysis

Proposed Workup for Hypoglossal Nerve Paralysis

Proposed Workup for Hypoglossal Nerve Paralysis

Persistent Tracheocutaneous Fistula.

An old case of tracheostomy (post head-injury) with failure of stomal closure presented 8 months after decanulation.
CT Scan Neck (Axial Sections)for stomal tract delineation done.
Three day trial closure of stoma done with tape to assess tolerance of the patient.

Surgical excision of fistulous tract and layered closure done successfully. Tracheal air leak tested with 100 mm H2O pressure by anesthetist.

Patient satisfactorily discharged.
Post-op recovery satisfactory.

Maxillary Sinus Hypoplasia

This is a rare condition presenting with Sinonasal Symptoms.

Maxiallary Sinus Hypoplasia




Multiple Foreign Bodies in Nose

18 month old child presented with Plastic Beads in both nasal cavities. Three beads were already removed by mother at home !! Don’t try to remove foreign bodies at home.
Two beads were removed at Clinic.
Xray-Nasopharynx (lateral view) shows a bead.

Two beads retreived from the nose of the child.


Change in sense of smell after head injury.

Patient seen with altered sense of smell with mix of hyposmia, phantosmia and parosmia.
She gave history of head trauma which resulted in occipital bone fracture two months back.
Occipital injuries are known to cause smell disorders due Con`tre`coup´ injury to olfactory bulb and its nerves. The change in sense of smell can start months after the injury. No known cure presently reported for this pathology though usually the distortion decreases over a period of time.

Effective medical treatment for Sinusitis.

Here is another pediatric case of chronic sinusitis which resolved with non-surgical (medical) treatment.
Pt was a 14 years old male and presented with symptoms of chronic sinusitis.


After a persistent prolonged drug therapy, the sinus pathology cleared.

In patients of chronic sinusitis, there is always a case for drug therapy trial before venturing out on surgical interventions.