Ear Nose Throat FAQs By Patients

Questions Frequently Asked by Patients.

Allergy & Immunology

Can the risks of allergy testing be eliminated ?

Yes, the risks of allergy testing can be eliminated if one opts for in-vitro antigen specific IgE levels. These are done in labs so the risk of allergic reactions in patient is bypassed.

How is allergy testing done ?

There are two ways by which clinical allergy testing is done:

  • skin pricks (small needle injections in skin)
  • skin patch application
  • Is allergy testing risky ?

    There is small yet potentially dangerous risk of severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis with allergy testing.

    When is allergy testing done ?

    Allergy testing is done:

  • when doctors strongly suspects allergy but medicines have failed to treat the patient.
  • when immunotherapy is being considered
  • CT Scan

    Is CT scan harmful ?

    CT scan involves ionizing radiation. It can cause damage to radiation sensitive body parts like eyes, skin etc.
    Contrast medium injected in the blood vessels might rarely cause allergic reactions.

    Why did my doctor order Serum Creatinine before a CT scan?

    Serum creatinine levels are checked before contrast CT scan to rule out pre-existing kidney dysfunction.
    2 to 7 percent patients injected with iodinated contrast develop kidney damage known as contrast-induced nephropathy which may be temporary or permanent.Most affected are high risk individuals with dehydration, kidney disease, diabetes, old age, patients using other kidney damaging drugs etc.

    Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeries

    Can the shape of my nose be corrected to perfection ?

    The baseline is a pleasant looking nose with appropriate breathing function.
    In most cases the surgical correction can restore the shape of nose. This reshaping is done within the confines of what are considered the normal measurements. It is best to discuss what you want and what is possible with the surgeon prior to the surgery. Possibility of variation in final results and extent of variations expected should be discussed.

    What should be kept in mind before a plastic or cosmetic surgery on face ?

    Before going for a cosmetic surgery on face you should have:

  • Clear idea of what precisely do you want. Convey it succinctly to the surgeon.Don’t be vague.
  • Stable and healthy mind.
  • Realistic expectations
  • Head & Neck Cancers

    What is meant by Stage of a cancer ?

    For simple understanding, Stage of a cancer can be described as Size and Spread of the cancer.
    More the size and/or spread more advanced the stage.

    Hearing Loss

    Can my infant wear hearing aid?

    Hearing Aids can be fitted in infants as young as 3 months old.

    Who has hearing loss

    Anyone can suffer from hearing loss.