For Patients

Online Telemedicine Support in the following areas:

Please Note: These are Paid Services

  • Pre-Surgery Second Opinions.

Are you apprehensive or scared before an elective surgery?
Before a surgeon wields his knife (and that includes myself) it always is a good option and sometimes legally necessary for a second professional opinion especially when the surgery is elective (i.e. not done for an emergency situation). It helps you make a decision after you are properly informed. It also helps you make note of risks, benefits and alternatives to the surgical procedure and decide in tandem with the doctors that this is the best treatment option for your particular case.
Any surgery is a stressful condition for the patient before, during and after the surgery. Many questions arise in the patient’s mind before consenting for the operative procedure, like:

  • Do I really need this surgery?
  • Are there any alternatives for me?
  • What will happen during the surgery?
  • What if something goes wrong during the surgery?
  • What will be the real benefits for me after the surgery?
  • What if I don’t get this surgery done?
  • Does my surgeon have real skills?
  • Does the hospital have required facilities for my particular surgery and facilities to handle complications of surgery?
  • Being an experienced surgeon and having dealt with thousands of patients with similar questions, I can provide you valuable insights and validate the requirements of your proposed surgery. Second opinions provide a realistic approach to the disease from a different perspective and prevents unrealistic hopes and later disappointments.

    There is no need for you to travel all the way to my clinic. This can be easily done on Skype or Google Talk. You need to fill a form (provided in Patient Forms section) and once you have paid the required fees we are good to go.

    • Post-Surgery Second Opinions.

    Post surgery instructions are provided before the surgery is performed.But Post-surgery, queries should be answered by the operating surgeon. There are scenarios when post surgically the operating doctor is not available due to unforeseen circumstances. I will be very happy to help you during that situation and try to fill the void. I offer non-interventional passive support during such situations. Active intervention is only offered either with the consent of the operating surgeon on leave or if there is a medical emergency.
    Other situations arise when you wish to have a second opinion after a major surgery such cancer surgeries or when you feel that you are not particularly happy with the outcome of the surgery or the operating surgeon is not addressing your complaints as per your wishes.
    I would be very happy to provide you a neutral, unbiased opinion about your case.

  • Lab and Clinical Investigation Reports Review.

  • Assessment of lab reports and other clinical investigations from clinical point of view is essential by the treating doctor. I am open to providing clinical correlation of your lab reports and clinical investigations as a second opinion for providing such details as what your test results mean, how they are related to your particular case, what further tests are recommended, whether you need to repeat the tests and so on.

    All the above services are deliverable as telemedicine support especially to patients living in isolated and remote regions, though one needs to be tech savvy.